Aged and Engaged



Although we can’t stop the aging process, we can often slow down some of its mental and physical effects. With regular fitness training dogs can regain and maintain strength, function, flexibility, proprioception, balance, and confidence. As a result, they become more engaged with the environment and with people. In this video, Lori Stevens works with 13-year-old Cassie on a variety of exercises.

In Lori’s Learning Lab at ClickerExpo LIVE you will learn how to train specific exercises and how to incorporate them into the life of your aging dog. You can watch the working teams go through the exercises with Lori coaching and/or practice the exercises with your own dog at home and ask questions that come up during Q&A!


ClickerExpo LIVE is breaking out of the virtual conference box by delivering 70+ LIVE, interactive, engaging courses, January 29 - 31. Registration includes access to the conference course recordings for one year!

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