How to Get the Most Out of ClickerExpo

The most common reason for schedule conflicts is not realizing that a Learning Lab may have a prerequisite Session

3. Know the Faculty Members

4. Life’s Better Shared, So Share!

5. You Have Made Good Choices

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  1. Hi there — just wanted to make sure I understand: if we are simply an observer for a lab, it’s “okay” to miss the accompanying pre-session? I know that it’s certainly better to attend the session before the lab, and I plan on doing that, but ack! there’s always at least one session that conflicts with a prerequisite session 🙂 !

    Thanks —

    Susan Sanderson

    1. Hi Susan, If you are attending a Lab as an observer, we recommend that you attend the prerequisite Session as well, but it is not a requirement. However, as an observer who has not attended the prerequisite Session, we ask that you please refrain from asking questions during the Lab, as most questions were likely answered. Hope this helps!

  2. There are so many excellent courses to choose from, inevitably two you want to attend will be offered at the same time. Consider purchasing the video recordings that are made of most offerings – and eliminate the conflict.

    Also, get plenty of sleep before and during ClickerExpo – your brain will be busy and will need rest!

  3. If you go with friends or coworkers, make sure you choose courses that will be helpful for you and are what you really need. Don’t follow the group just because you don’t want to sit alone. It’s your ClickerExpo, make the best of it. And it’s an advantage to do so…you can share your new knowledge with the group 🙂

  4. For the best pricing, add Video On Demand to your registration by Thursday, January 3, 2019 for Portland or by Thursday, February 28, 2019 for Washington DC! Learn more about Video on Demand here!

  5. First, remember your energy level. I no longer have the energy of an Australian Shepherd and have to plan some rest breaks in my schedule. Second, there is always next year! So your top two sessions are at the same time? Don’t worry. You can usually have the opportunity to see the same speaker again next year. And seeing the same speaker two years in a row can really help reinforce their ideas.

  6. I totally agree with Dawn. I had so many “mind… blown!” moments last year (my first ClickerExpo) that I was pretty exhausted at the end of the 3 days (although happily so)! I did much of the conference on my own but I loved loved loved the “topics” on the breakfast tables as a way to decide where to sit. I met some great people (bring and ask for business cards to keep in touch afterward).

  7. Listen to your dog. Just because you can register for 4 working spots in labs over 3 days doesn’t mean your dog can mentally or physically handle 3 days of dog seminars. Give your dog lots of down time. This year I purposely scheduled our labs for 2 days so we don’t end up leaving early because my dog’s brain is toast on the third day. Also, if you have a person with you who isn’t participating in ClickerExpo (my husband for me), give your dog breaks away from the seminar and/or hotel. Either a nice walk or a nap in the hotel room, depending on the dog, may be just what the dog needs. Just because we can bring our dog with us to lectures, doesn’t mean we should bring them to every lecture. Dog’s needs always come first, so plan around that.

  8. Great comments so far. Going in another direction, bring along a sweater/sweatshirt, favorite writing pen or laptop for note taking and snack/drink for the sessions. Practice excellent hand hygiene to help protect yourself and all your clicker friends from sharing unwanted germs.
    As for the Sessions, purchasing a video package is a great way to work around the issue of having more than one Session you want to see at the same time. This also allows you to revisit a Session that you may have absolutely loved, found challenging or were inspired by.
    Oh and leave some extra room in your suitcase for the purchases you will make at the store!!!!

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