Look At That! Games We’ll Play at ClickerExpo LIVE



Look At That, or “LAT,” is one of Leslie McDevitt’s very popular counter-conditioning games. At ClickerExpo LIVE watch your dog's confidence increase in a stressful world as you both learn this unique conversational tool together.

During Leslie’s Learning Lab, you can practice the skills you need to teach your dogs how to be a Reporter instead of a Reactor - all from the safety of your home and with time for Q&A!

In this video, Leslie and Ever demonstrate that there is not one specific 'LAT" behavior to be rewarded, it is a range of orienting behaviors and all are rewardable - turning to look at the bunny, pointing with ears towards the bunny, just looking at Leslie and offering her 'take a breath' behavior. It’s important to note that Leslie and Ever have worked together on these behaviors for some time. If they were just starting out, Leslie would have management in place including distance and barriers to ensure Ever could not interact with Willow.


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  1. When I was in 6th grade a dog training facility did a demonstration at my school. From that moment, I was hooked on training. I read lots of books and practiced training my own dog. I knew that I wanted to work with animals and in 1990, I went to school to become an Animal Health Technician, which was later changed to Registered Veterinary Technician. While working at a veterinary clinic, a trainer offered to train employee dogs for free so I sent my dog to them and fell in love with training all over again. In 1999, I attended United States K-9 Academy and started Alpha K-9 Academy (now Alpha-Zen) while still working in the veterinary emergency field. After doing both for almost 20 years and incorporating my husband and son into the business, I retired from the veterinary field and have been training full time for almost 3 years. I’ve done a lot of continuing education and have wanted to attend Karen Pryor’s training academy for years. I’m excited to do this virtual clicker expo and haven’t looked yet, but if Karen Pryor Academy is offering virtual courses now, I plan to enroll. What I learned at US K9 Academy will always be in my toolbox, but I’ve gravitated to clicker training and encouraging my clients to do the same.

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