Problem Solved!



So often the problems that arise in our training can be solved by asking ourselves what do we want our learners to do and what do we need our learners to know in order to achieve our goals. For example, an animal who may be uncomfortable with physical examination in veterinary or husbandry contexts can be taught to voluntarily participate in its own care, as illustrated in this video from Chirag Patel.

Sometimes the solutions to our training problems can elude us and it can be helpful to get a fresh perspective. Beginner or expert, if you’ve had a training challenge that has left you stymied, you won’t want to miss Chirag Patel and Theresa McKeon’s ClickerExpo LIVE Dem-OH! Session, Problem Solved! Bring your list of “training problems” and let’s see if we can get it solved together, in real-time! 


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