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A Phenomenal 2019 Program

  • Navigate the menu below to explore courses under any of the key themes. Some courses will be cross-themed, and so they are cross-listed.

  • When you click on a title, you will link to the detailed description of that course, including the name of the faculty member teaching it and the Experience Level to which it is targeted.

  • Any course title including “Learning Lab” indicates that is a Learning Lab linked to a Session.

  • There are more than 50 new courses for 2018; all are labeled New so you can find them easily. In the online conference schedule, the * mark also indicates a New course.

Trainer Skill Development

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Our 2019 Faculty & Speakers

Thursday Night Welcome Reception

Lunchtime networking roundtable discussions

Friday Night Social Event


Saturday Night Conference Dinner

Join us for seated dinner and inspiring session by Dr. Christopher Pachel “Working Together: Creating Successful Relationships Among Animal Care Professionals.” This presentation will focus on identifying communication strategies that can be used to establish professional and complementary relationships with other animal care providers, and on identifying ways of sharing information that meets the needs of everyone involved. (pre-registration required)

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