Working with Shy or Skittish Animals



The challenges for trainers who work with animals that display shy or fearful behavior are to manage the learning environment carefully and to design sessions that create trust and encourage the animal(s) to want to participate.

In this video, Ken Ramirez demonstrates a shaping plan that is being used for the alpacas at The Ranch. The plan considers the animals’ dislike of being separated from one another. The alpacas are carefully positioned on opposite sides of a physical barrier for feeding, but the barrier does not block the alpaca’s vision of one another so they do not feel separated. This thoughtful approximation helps the alpacas begin to develop the foundation skill of working in isolation from one another which will be useful in future training sessions. 

In Ken’s ClickerExpo LIVE Dem-OH! Session, Working with Shy or Skittish Animals - Live, registrants will be guided through case studies in which Ken helped fearful animals feel comfortable and supported in their learning wherever they were located: in zoos, in animal shelters, or at The Ranch. Ken and the alpacas will be demonstrating some of the skills he covers in real-time!


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