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Special Offer! Register for ClickerExpo LIVE by November 12 and join us for a special bonus event later that week, Snake Avoidance Training and Its Application to Real-World Training with Ken Ramirez.
Special Offer! Register for ClickerExpo Portland by October 31 and you get ClickerExpo LIVE for 50% off.

ClickerExpo DC + ClickerExpo LIVE is an unbeatable combination of innovative, world-class, in-person conference and virtual learning re-imagined. Join us for one or both!

Enjoy two separate conference experiences with completely different programs; join us for one or both! 

You'll learn more in three days than you ever thought possible!

Learn more than you ever thought possible!

ClickerExpo conferences excel at helping animal training enthusiasts and professionals improve their skills, evaluate the latest techniques, connect with each other, and learn from a huge faculty of world-renowned speakers, teachers and trainers in positive reinforcement.

The camaraderie and knowledge shared at ClickerExpo is so inspiring. It recharges my battery!
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Ken Ramirez and Miyagi working on capturing
The Lost Art of Capturing with Michele Pouliot and Ken Ramirez
Capturing involves marking and putting on cue behaviors that animals naturally offer. While capturing is often used in conjunction with other shaping techniques, the question arises: is there an advantage to capturing without prompts? Should capturing be done without considering the environmental set-up? Join Ken Ramirez and Michele Pouliot at ClickerExpo Portland, OR as they share their perspectives and guidance on “capturing” as a technique for training behavior. ...
March 14, 2024
Headshot bio CE 2024 - Emelie Johnson Vegh
Distraction Training for TRAINERS! Wait, What?
As good dog trainers, we work systematically and methodically through the challenges that routinely stand in the way of fluent performance, including both routine environmental and novel distractions. However, our dogs aren’t the only ones involved in the training process; we are as well, and we face similar challenges as our dogs! ...
March 13, 2024
On the Mark or Not?
At ClickerExpo Portland (4/5 – 4/7) Michele Pouliot delves into two training choices: marking behavior or not marking behavior prior to reinforcement. As an enthusiastic clicker trainer, Michele constantly strives to utilize the power of a well-timed click. However, she also selectively sets the marker aside for specific reasons. ...
February 29, 2024

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