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Looking to connect with fellow attendees in advance of ClickerExpo?
Share a room? Get tips on what to bring? Connect through our Facebook Event Groups!

* Please note: These groups are open to the public; not all members may be Expo attendees.

Access to ClickerExpo on Any Device

Anytime, Anywhere with Video On Demand

Won’t make it to all the Sessions you want at ClickerExpo Portland or Washington DC? Want to re-watch your favorites after Expo, or have access to faculty expertise anytime from anywhere? Video On Demand is for you!



Flexibility to

Any Device - Anytime, Anywhere

For the best pricing, add Video On Demand to your registration by Thursday, January 3, 2019 for Portland or by Thursday, February 28, 2019 for Washington DC!

Five Sessions


Regularly $299.75

Ten Sessions


Regularly $599.50

Great-Access Pass (Forty+ Sessions)

Get Access to Every Available Recording from ClickerExpo 2019—At Least Forty Sessions, Guaranteed!


Regularly $2,300+

Mentoring Program

Are you attending ClickerExpo for the first time and/or looking to expand your positive reinforcement training community? Or are you a regular ClickerExpo attendee willing to show a new attendee the ropes?


Signing up is as easy as registering for the conference—just look for the ExpoBuddies option during online registration.

What to Expect with ExpoBuddies

Please note that the views of all ExpoBuddies may not necessarily reflect the views of Karen Pryor Clicker Training. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

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Session Notes—Coming Soon!

Complimentary versions of Session presentations will be available approximately 1 month before the conference.